Fantasy Pornography: His, Hers, and Couples: A Perfect Valentine's Present
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For years, women barely tolerated male pornography, although some would sneak a look at Playboy or Penthouse. Men, more than women, tend to have a very strong visual component to their sexual arousal and they are more likely to seek visual pornography to get turned on. Pornography can be a wonderful sex enhancer for both men and women. Women typically enjoy a different kind of porn than do men, usually with characters, fantasy themes and a story line. Female erotic literature has become a booming business, and it is one more example of how women, who are generally the less linear of the two sexes, prefer process over the end goal. I know women who get lost in erotica books, find their fingers walking South between their legs, or reaching for the vibrator near their bed. (See Dr Dorree's Divine Desires e-store for some additional Valentine's suggestions.)

Grab some of the latest couple's pornography that appeals to both women and men. These usually combine story lines involving feelings and intimacy that are appealing to women along with graphic scenes that tend to be more appealing to men. Mutually stimulating pornography agreed to by both parties, either in the privacy of one's own bedroom, watching DVDs or via an adult channel in a hotel rendezvous is perfect for a special Valentine's fantasy treat. What a great way to spice up your love life!! In fact, why not try it all year round?



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Why is it that American women start off their sex by performing oral sex ? Do the men there require so much sexual arousal, while the women there not only do not need any arousal and are,in fact, hankering for sex all the time and do everything imaginable to attract men, known and unknown ?

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