Getting Sane Without Going Crazy

In the tradition of guides for the perplexed, Getting Sane Without Going Crazy provides a roadmap, a guide through the labyrinth of psychotherapy. The journey detours through the confusing paths of medication, alternative healing and spiritual care, with tips on how to find the right help for you and your loved ones. Reading this book is a freeing and therefore empowering experience.

Getting Sane Without Going Crazy (Xlibris 2000), Dr. Dorree Lynn’s first book, is a consumer’s guide to psychotherapy. “Most people take greater care looking for a new suit or dress than seeking a therapist. I wanted to do something to change that,” says Dr. Lynn. The book’s purpose was to act as an antidote to the stigma attached to psychotherapy and act as a guide through the perplexing labyrinth of psychotherapy schools and other healing modalities.

“Anger was my motivator,” explains Dr. Lynn. “To my ear, so many of my colleagues seemed to be whining and whimpering about how HMO’s were giving our profession the short shrift. I felt that if we didn’t fight back, we would deserve whatever we got. I chose to write and lecture in order to reach beyond my own office walls. I thought that an educated consumer, a self-advocate, would be our field’s best ally.”



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