When the Man You Love is Ill: Doing Your Best for Your Partner Without Losing Yourself

When the Man You Love is Ill is a woman's guide to living with a partner facing a medical crisis or chronic illness. How do you understand the male psyche? How do you manage your own feelings of fear and guilt? How do you deal with the loss and keep the family stable? This book helps to heal the relationship with their partners or spouses.

The break-through book is an emotional survival guide with a pragmatic approach, providing timely advice that is candid, compassionate and holistic. It goes beyond a basic “How To” book that helps a caregiver take care of an ill spouse or loved one. The reader will also learn how to take care of a personal relationship and how to take care of herself. The focus is on keeping a relationship that’s under stress alive and loving. In today’s world, most caregivers are women. However, there is a special chapter in the book that is dedicated specifically to men.

When the Man You Love is Ill is practical and empowering. The book fills a market void because it addresses issues for everyday couples, not only those dealing with specific illnesses. “So many husbands and wives need this information,” says Dr. Lynn, “As we approach the year 2010, for the first time in history, census statistics show that over half of the US population will be over fifty years old. We will have our illnesses, but we will continue to live longer and hopefully more fulfilling lives. I sometimes feel as if I’ve turned into a bit of a missionary for Saging well.”


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