A well-known speaker on the lecture circuit, Dr. Lynn is noted for provocative, informative presentations salted with wisdom and peppered with humor. She has spoken to various groups including the National Education Association, the Public Relations Council, John Hopkins University, American University, the Well Spouse Association, The American News Women’s Club and the American Association of Political Consultants. She has traveled extensively as a consultant to hospitals as far away as Pune, India, universities, and corporations. Topic include:

Sex for Grownups

Sex So Good That You Won't Believe You Waited This Long to Enjoy It! Celebrity psychologist and “sexpert,” Dr. Dorree Lynn has helped thousands of people over the last four decades achieve intimacy, vitality, and the best sex of their lives no matter what their age. In her latest book, Sex for Grownups: Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truth, Lies and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50, Dr. Dorree delves deeply where other books fear to peek and proves that grownup sex, like fine wine, truly does get better with age. Whether you think sex is a bore or a chore, or you are suffering from performance anxiety, you'll find personal stories and real questions as well as candid answers. Dr. Dorree offers solutions to a myriad of sexual issues that are more common than you may know. Learn to:

  • Turn so-so sex into turn-on sex
  • Reignite the passion in your relationship
  • Discover the joy of toys
  • Enjoy sex despite illness and health problems
  • Date and mate after 50

Presented with savvy, sensuous humor, as well as replete with up-to-date information, Sex for Grownups provides real wisdom and practical solutions that go beyond Viagra and cosmetic surgery. With some attitude shifts and innovative techniques you can enjoy deliciously satisfying sex, intimacy and passion at every age and stage of your life.


Health care is a hot topic in government policies and is becoming even more important as our population ages and embraces their “Bonus Years”. However with longevity frequently comes illness, either for ourselves or for someone we love. Dr. Dorree speaks to those who are caregivers of loved ones, professionals in the field, all medical and health care professionals and nursing homes. Topics include: your caregiving style, how to give an effective support, keeping your family stable, dealing with the medical establishment, learning to prioritize, and coping with your emotions.

Safe Sex for Seniors

The statistics are startling the rate of HIV infection is up 94% in heterosexual men over the age of 50, and up 107% in heterosexual women in same age bracket since 1991. We have a semi-secret epidemic on our hands, a vibrant nation of seniors contracting STDs and HIV at an alarming rate. Contrary to popular belief, these ageless adults are having sex, and many of them lack the knowledge of preventative safe-sex measures to guard against infectious and life-threatening disease. Also, when seniors talk to their doctors about their symptoms, STDs are often ruled out by misdiagnosis from medical health professionals who often do not take into consideration that their older patients are still sexually active.

Dr. Dorree Lynn has been an advocate for seniors for more than 20-years, championing the need for sex education and safe sex public service initiatives for the 50+ audience. She says the problem lies in a lack of education and tendency for the under 50 crowd to stereotype those 50+. “Unlike their children and grandchildren who received sex-ed. In school, many seniors are clueless,” notes Dr. Lynn. “There are a scarcity of STD awareness campaigns designed for them, little or no condom advertising geared to their age demographics, and most doctors and family members don’t feel comfortable speaking about sexuality with these older adults.” A recent national study conducted by the University of Indiana supports Dr. Dorree’s opinions, finding that only one in five men and one in four women over the age of 50 use condoms.

“We need to re-educate older adults,” says Lynn, “because as their relationships end or their partners die, if they begin dating and have multiple partners, there may be no danger of pregnancy, but the STD risk is certainly present.” While having “the talk” with a senior patient or family member may seem awkward or embarrassing, the need is critical to ensure the health and wellbeing of this growing demographic. Studies show that a healthy sex life helps keep people happier and living longer. Even as we mature, our zest and passion for life, intimacy, and sex does not have to fade. “Our core sexuality never goes away,” says Dr. Lynn, “it is part of our deepest selves and a vital path to our primal connection with others.”

Cash and Couch

Should there be an interrelationship between personality and finances? If you were handed one million dollars, what would you do? Would you spend it right away? Save for your family? Donate to charity? How you handle your money says tons about how you handle your life. And how you handle your life tells you how you handle your finances.

Practicing Safe Stress

Stress kills. We all know that. However, too few understand that what makes us stressed develops into an underlying physiological overload that hurts our health. Safe Stress is learning to live a balanced life--think of it as a 3-legged stool: mind, body, and spirit working together. Dr. Dorree explores the interaction of these three aspects and gives tips and tools about how to achieve these goals.

Resiliency or Positive Aging

Resiliency is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and catastrophe. Instead of a medical disease model, it’s a dis-ease model and is geared toward an individual’s continued growth and positive development. Dr. Dorree gives practical advice about how people can age positively and how to sustain and grow from life’s challenges. Tools include: exercise, diet, interest in others, and involvement in relationships, spiritual or otherwise. Dr. Dorree tells families, friends, caregivers, health professionals, and all involved with those in their Bonus Years what they can do to help men and women over 50 mature positively.

To book Dr. Dorree Lynn for an

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